Adrienne La Faye

All people are born into the world with a purpose. However, family, society, gender bias, and socioeconomics, etc., have dissuaded us from utilizing our passions. Daily we must persevere to reclaim our True-Selves." ~Adrienne La Faye~

"Ms. Pearleen Floyd"

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"Ms. Pearleen Floyd"

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This portrait is of an elderly woman who I met at a Safeway in Renton. Ms. Pearleen Floyd is her name. On that afternoon I walked through sliding the doors of the store and to my right sat this gorgeous elderly woman. I was drawn to her immediately. I was struck by her glaring life’s story that I saw written on her face. In that short moment, I couldn't think of a reason to approach her. 

So, I walked down a couple aisles of the grocery store to muster up the courage to introduce myself to her. As I walked towards her I didn't want to alarm this fragile-looking woman, who has to be by my calculations at least eighty or more years old. 

I mustered up the courage and I quickly said, "Hi my name is Adrienne La Faye and I'm an artist and I would love to take a few pictures of you so I may paint your portrait”. She turned and looked at me as she put her hand up to her face in total distrust and said, "Okay I guess so". I took pictures thanked her and left quickly. 

One night about ten months later I was on my way to take a few painting and the finished portrait of Ms. Pearleen to the Washington State Convention Center, to be shown the in an exhibit. Now mind you, I had never met her before the first meet, or after that last contact. 

Coincidently, I had to stop by Safeway to pick up a prescription. Guess who was sitting in the exact same spot, just as she was many months prior? This time I walked briskly towards her and I reintroduced myself and she said, “I didn’t think I would ever see your face again”, and chuckled. I told her I keep my promises and I showed her the painting, and she exclaimed, "That's me" and smiled. I say this truly was a God influenced moment.


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