Adrienne La Faye

All people are born into the world with a purpose. However, family, society, gender bias, and socioeconomics, etc., have dissuaded us from utilizing our passions. Daily we must persevere to reclaim our True-Selves." ~Adrienne La Faye~



To be the catalyst of transcendence for people who are unprotected, disenfranchised, and marginalized by our systemic racist system, attaching the inmates written voices to portraits while educating the public of their humanity through art.


POFW empowers Women to be their best.

Unless YOU take action today their families will generationally die.

The solution depends on us together.

Your contribution is guaranteed to changed a Families life forever?

We need YOUR support, because these women haven’t know support that’s why TAN is seriously asking for your help. We’re giving every inmate a high quality Giclee’ reproduction of their portrait. The portraits are beautifully hand crafted by Adrienne La Faye. The inmates not only can imagine but see their best selves, especially when they loose hope. KING5 TV is committed to telling their stories by producing a documentary of POFW.

~Title: #2 POFW by Adrienne La Faye~ All Copyrights Reserved by the ~THE ALASEA NETWORK~ REPRODUCTIONS ANY KIND IS ILLEGAL © 2019

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